Circle of Life Concert 2022

The Circle of Life Concert aims to bring together everyone who loves music for a cause. Proceeds will go to the Rishi Children’s Trust which supports programs for disadvantaged children and youth across India.

Event Details

Friday, 19th August 2022, 4:00 PM (Show I) & 7:30 PM (Show II)

Bangalore International Center, Domlur, Bangalore, India


  • Bangalore School of Music Chamber Orchestra

  • Ambi Subramaniam

  • The Johns Hopkins Peabody String Ensemble

  • Snehagram family

  • The Bangalore Chorus

At the age of fourteen years in 2018, Rishi performed a solo violin concert called String Theory in Bangalore, India, to raise awareness and funds for orphans and vulnerable children. Rishi lives on in the happiness that his vision will continue to bring to those in need. As we celebrate Rishi’s birthday, we remember that kindness heals the world, that the circle of life has no end and no beginning. We join together in music, and recognize how our individual melodies are part of the grand orchestra of life.
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